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1965 Honda C100 Super Cub Level 2 Restoration

1965 Honda C100 Super Cub Restoration

1965 Honda C100 Project Background

Here we have another family heirloom. This time, an 80-year-old father handed the bike down to his son. If you look at the original photos, you can see the bike needed its share of work.

The first order of business was getting the bike running. A quick carb clean and a few kicks got her to run. One problem. She was smoking pretty bad. The bike ran great but there was just too much smoking for the owners comfort level. The cylinder was removed and bored .25 over. New rings and a piston rounded out the jug. The valve train was touched up as well. A quick valve lapping and a general cleaning was all that was in the budget.

With the mechanicals out of the way, I removed the wheels and a majority of the hardware and other parts throughout the bike. The nuts and bolts were zinc plated and the larger items were all vapor honed. Fresh tires, a new exhaust and a new seat are the finishing touches on this relic.

Honda C100 Restoration Photos

1965 Honda C100 Restoration Video