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Honda Z50 Restoration Information

Honda Z50's, especially the EARLY versions are hot as ever. Their blend of nostalgia and cool factor lead many to seek out and restore their favorite model for decoration, bragging rights or to put back into actual service.

Just like the larger bikes, you have two options:

Level 1 Z50 Restoration - *$6,000-$7,500
A Level 1 Restoration will bring your Z50 back to it's original glory and in many cases even better than new. The bike is completely disassembled, hardware plated, engine rebuilt, all components painted, new cables, tires, controls, fenders chromed or replaced, etc. The final cost depends on which year you are restoring. A softail Z50 is typically on the higher side. 

Level 1 Examples: 1969 Z50 | 1974 Z50

Level 2 Z50 Restoration - *$2,500-$3,500

A Level 2 Restoration will bring your Z50 back to a completely functional bike. Typically the wheels are refinished with new tubes and tires, engine is serviced and refinished based on condition, new cables and all basic components for a safe bike. Typically this level does not include any painting to the frame or gas tank but can be included upon request. Obviously the price will be higher. 

Level 2 Examples: 1979 Z50R

Honda Z50 Painting - *$1,350-$1,800
The cost to paint a Z50 depends on which year Z50 you are painting and how many pieces you are looking to refinish. This includes media blasting parts, any repairs required, priming, painting, clear coating and wet sanding.

Paint Examples: 1969 Candy Blue and Ruby Red | Mexican Yellow

* Please keep in mind prices listed are estimates. By no means final or guaranteed. All shipping costs will be incurred by the customer. Please contact me before shipping, in most cases I can save you money on shipping via FedEx.

Honda Z50 Restoration Photos