Candy Sapphire Blue and Candy Ruby Red Paint Available!

Honda Z50 Restorations

Interested in shipping your Z50 parts to me for paint? Get in touch and I can help with the shipping costs.

Honda Z50's, especially the EARLY versions are hot as ever. Their blend of nostalgia and cool factor lead many to seek out and restore their favorite model for decoration, bragging rights or to put back into actual service.

I have worked on numerous Honda Z50’s with more arriving all the time. So far complete frame sets have been shipped from California, Texas, Florida, Nebraska and Virginia as well as several from my home state of Pennsylvania.

Average cost to restore a Honda Z50 is $5,500.
Average cost to paint a set of Honda Z50 components is $800.00.

There are many basic services available as well as add-ons that will add to the final cost. If you have questions, feel free to call or get in touch.