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About Motorcycle Symmetry

Just a quick overview of who is behind this operation. It's just me, Todd. Lifelong lover of all things engine-powered. I didn't get the opportunity to explore the love of riding and racing until after college. When I had a bit more time and some disposable income, I started to explore the powersports world. I dabbled in drag racing and 4-wheeler racing for a bit until the real problem surfaced. I bought my first sportbike in 2004 with 100% intent on doing road course events. After the first one I was hooked. Nothing comes close to riding a motorcycle on a road course.

When I wasn't on the track, I was riding on the street. All the time. Everywhere. I averaged around 12,000 miles a year from 2003 to 2010. Trips to Tennessee, West Virginia, upstate New York, Florida and the Carolinas would be a regular occurrence. Sometimes with a group of us who often rode together but most times alone. Yeah, alone. At the time I was the only one in my group without a girlfriend much less a family so what better life to lead than to ride all the time?

Fast forward to 2010 when my first of three daughters was born. Not so easy to keep in shape, spend the money AND risk hurting yourself when there's a family involved. I had enough injuries along the way to know carrying a baby with only one arm would not be fun! I did two more track days after our first daughter was born and that was it. I couldn't do it any longer. The concentration and overall commitment it takes just wasn't available.

So here I was with a major itch and no way to scratch it. So, away went the cushy corporate job and in came self employment working on motorcycles (once I picked my wife up off the floor). I had a pretty solid background in mechanics due to years of riding and wrenching on my own stuff. Around the same time my track riding came to a halt, I also grew tired of motorcycles becoming appliances of modern convenience. ABS, GPS, selectable power modes, bluetooth, slipper clutches from the factory...blah blah blah! So naturally I got into the older bikes that basically give you wheels, a frame, engine and MAYBE some brakes. It takes some skill to pilot an older bike at any sort of increased pace. Not only that but the romantic side of riding which is supposed to be inherently risky is much more fun on an old bike. So here I am, a vintage bike restorer and enthusiast. Now with three daughters, I enjoy riding the older bikes and the attention they receive when time permits.

I have customers from all over the United States. Texas, Illinois, California, Iowa, Michigan, New York, Maryland, Massachusetts, Delaware, Florida, Washington and more. Thanks for looking and maybe I'll hear from you soon!