Candy Sapphire Blue and Candy Ruby Red Paint Available!

1969 Honda Z50 Candy Blue and Candy Ruby Red Frame Restoration

Honda Candy Blue and Honda Candy Ruby Red Frames

1969 Honda Z50 Candy Blue and Candy Ruby Red Frame, Gas Tank and Headlight Restoration

One day I got a random call from Nebraska. 9 times out of 10 a call from Nebraska is a telemarketer. I had never received a call from Nebraska that WAS NOT trying to sell me something. Turns out it was an actual customer on the other end looking for someone to handle the paint on a couple 1969 Honda Z50's. One Candy Ruby Red, one Candy Blue

After getting all the parts shipped to me, I set out to restore the frames and other components to respectable condition. There were a couple issue to deal with along the way. First off the tanks were bad. After media blasting the tanks they were all rusted out from the bottom. Not uncommon but still a problem. I sourced a couple reproduction tanks to use as replacements. I was also in need of a headlight bucket for one of the bikes. The last problem was one of the frames had a noticeable bend in the left rear loop. After some straightening and a bit of bodywork you can't notice it at all.

Once all the parts were blasted, prepped and primed, I laid down my line of Candy Ruby Red and Candy Blue followed by a nice, thick clear coat. 

1969 Honda Z50 Candy Ruby Red Paint Photos

1969 Honda Z50 Candy Blue Paint Photos