Candy Sapphire Blue and Candy Ruby Red Paint Available!

1969 Candy Sapphire Blue Z50 Restoration

1969 Honda Z50 Restoration

1969 Honda Z50 Restoration

Yet another Z50 that was bought by the original owner. This bike was used, abused and ridden hard by two brothers out in California. The bike was originally Ruby Red but the owner decided to switch the bike to Candy Sapphire Blue. Hey, it's his bike!

This bike received some treatments that typically aren't on the list. For example, we decided to chrome his hubs and triple tree clamp. Why you ask? Mostly for longevity and a completely maintenance free experience. He won't have to worry about polishing the aluminum or ever have to worry about the clear coat wearing off. Some may scoff at the lack of "originality" but honestly I think I will encourage more customers to do the same thing. 

Along with the chrome, the Z50 needed a TON of new parts as you can see by the original condition photos. A complete engine rebuild, fork internals, seat, fenders, harness, headlight, taillight and bracket all found there way onto this beauty. 

The owner told me he drove this bike to the record store and picked up the  Abbey Road release in late November 1969. Fast forward to 2023. First of all what's a record store? Second, what album would he buy? Wait, what's an album?

1969 Honda Z50 Candy Sapphire Blue Restoration Photos