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1970 Honda CB750 Restoration

1970 Honda CB750 Restoration

1970 Honda CB750 Restoration Project Background

The big daddy. The God of the motorcycle world. Or at least the original God. This bike was literally pulled from a basement where it was sitting for a looong time. This early 750 was used as a drag bike back in the day. Originally equipped with ridiculous gearing and carbs only meant to run wide-open, this bike needed it's share of attention. I pulled the motor to replace the gaskets only to find a broken spring. So a valve job, new Kibblewhite springs and a quick head shave along with the new gaskets was the extent of the motor work. I cut down the front fender, painted the tank and side covers, new tires, chain and sprockets, installed lower handlebars, fork seals, brake caliper, brake master cylinder, oil pump rebuilt, light polishing here and there, new seat cover, paint fork ears and triple tree...I'm getting tired typing it all. In true Honda fashion, after sourcing a set of replacement early 750 carbs the bike fired up like it ran the day before.

Stay tuned for "Phase 2" of this project.

Honda CB750 Restoration Photos