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1971 Hodaka ACE 100 Restoration

1971 Hodaka ACE 100 Restoration

1971 Hodaka ACE 100B Restoration

It's not very often I get to say "this is the first time" but in this case, I did. I never had the opportunity to work on a Hodaka since I started working on old bikes. Matter of fact I think this was only the second inquiry I received about one. Way back someone was interested in restoring a Road Toad but the project never came to fruition. This Hodaka may not have a crazy name like some of it's siblings, but this bike still offers an interesting look at a brand with a short life but very loyal following. 

I'm amazed at how many people have "owned this bike since new". It's takes an extreme level of loyalty, love and maybe some luck to hang on to your pride and joy for a decade much less 50+ years. This Hodaka being another example of an original owner bike. 

The old ACE would need its share of work. The engine needed a rebuild from top to bottom. New seals, a fresh bore and piston along with freshening all the paint and fasteners brought the engine side back to life. The forks were rebuilt, new tires, carb cleaned and rebuilt, brakes, cables, grips and all new rubber components. The biggest problem was the gas tank. The original was rusted through and the exterior was rough. We took a chance on an original, chrome tank from India found on eBay. Yes India. Long story short, for around $300 shipped we received a more than functional reproduction gas tank. The chrome is good enough considering the price point. At the very least we ended up with a solid foundation for something that COULD be rechromed again in the future.

Like most bikes, I hated to see this one go. This bike gets quite the reaction from anyone who sees it. I'm sure the owner will get plenty more years of enjoyment after a much needed facelift.

1971 Hodaka ACE 100B Restoration Photos