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1972 Yamaha JT2 Mini Enduro Restoration

Yamaha JT2 Mini Enduro

1972 Yamaha JT2 Mini Enduro Restoration

The legendary Yamaha Enduro lineup from the 70's were available in several sizes including this one which featured 60cc's of pure childhood joy. This particular model was only available for 2 years, 1971 and '72.

As you can expect, a small bike made only two years will have some parts availability problems. There are absolutely no new fork tubes, chain guards or original rear shocks to be had. The chain guard is no big deal, but the fork tubes had to be chomed. I installed a set of aftermarket shocks for a Honda Z50 that look pretty darn close to the originals. 

Everything was treated to varying levels. The frame was powdered and all the tins painted in the original Competition Yellow and Mandarin Orange. The spokes were zinc plated as well as all the other hardware. The rims, hubs, handlebars, engine block and other small bits were vapor honed. The engine received all new seals, a complete inspection and cleaning as well as a fresh bore.

This little guy will be used as a pit bike sure to impress and turn heads at every track it visits.

1972 Yamaha JT2 Mini Enduro Restoration Photos