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1972 Yamaha RT2 360 Restoration

1972 Yamaha RT2 360

1972 Yamaha RT2 360 Project Background

They do everything big in Texas so goes the saying. The owner of this 1972 Yamaha RT-2 360 2-stroke enduro is the perfect example of the stereotype. Somewhere in Dallas, TX there is a complete collection of 1972 Yamaha enduro's waiting to be restored just like this 360 has been. Most of my customers restore a bike because "it has been in the family" or "I've owned this bike since new". Not this time! This is simply a "because I can" situation.

Starting with what was a very nice original example, the 360 was gone over completely to bring it back to new condition. A 12K budget didn't allow for EVERY last detail to be handled but overall, I think you would agree this is a fine looking machine! The engine had recently been gone over by a previous owner so there was no need to rebuild the motor. A compression check and other quick check-up items were done but 98% of the work on this engine was cosmetic.

No other bike to this date has received as much attention as this one. Hated to see it go.

Yamaha RT2 360 Restoration Photos