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1975 Yamaha DT175 Paint Job

1975 Yamaha DT175

1975 Yamaha DT175 Project Background

Here was an awesome little project to help someone doing a great thing for a family member. Most of our Dad's had something when they were younger that we remember. In this case, it was a 1975 Yamaha DT175. A loving daughter and son-in-law literally rebuilt this bike in their living room to present the bike to their Dad just days before Christmas 2019. Most of the major work was already done but there were several items that needed and outside resource.

I was contacted to handle the engine clean-up, painting the front and rear fenders, gas and oil tanks and the fork ears. I also polished the fork lowers. Applying the decals was the biggest headache associated with this project. They can be a real pain to get right especially since the only options left at this point are all aftermarket.

Yamaha DT175 Paint Job Photos