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1979 Honda CX500 Paint Job

1979 Honda CX500 Paint Job

1979 Honda CX500 Project Background

This customer had a clear vision in mind. He wanted black, copper and red with a 70's "scalloped" theme for the paint. Armed with this knowledge, I went to work. The motor needed a TON of work to revive a respectable appearance due to the previous painting attempt. After stripping off as much of the paint as possible, the engine was refinished with high-temp brilliant silver while the covers and other accents were painted black. The front clutch and oil filter cover were painted AND clear coated for protection from the front tire.

The tank needed a lot of work before getting to the painting stage. The previous paint jobs were stubborn to remove and there were several "highs and lows" requiring attention. After getting the tins prepped, the paint process took time also. Taping off a three-color paint job with intricate curves and shapes takes time. When it was all said and done, the tins came out beautiful and the bike has a totally new look.

Honda CX500 Paint Job Photos