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1984 Honda Gyro Restoration

1984 Honda Gyro Restoration

1984 Honda Gyro Project Background

Well, we're certainly no strangers to odd vehicles around this joint. From rare scooters to old machines, this three-wheeled freak may just top it off. What on earth is it you might ask? This would be a Honda Gyro (NN50 model designation). Capable of 45 degrees of lean from the tilting rear end. These scooters were sold in the US for three years from 84-86. The Gyro started life in Japan in 1982 before being brought to the states. Slow sales would lead to their demise in the US. The short term availability and small sales numbers make this scooter one of the most sought after scooters among collectors.

This particular Gyro was dropped off by a customer from North Carolina. Not looking for a full restoration, we decided to clean up all the parts that had suffered at the hands of time and neglect including the wheels, tires, controls and gas tank. The plastic was also in need of a good polishing. Basically, since the bike was in tact, my job was to pretty it up without undoing all the originality of the bike.

Honda Gyro Restoration Photos