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1984 Honda Spree Iowa Restoration

1984 Honda Spree Iowa Restoration

1984 Honda Spree Iowa Project Background

Well I guess things come in bunches. On the heels of the '86 rebuild, here is a 1984 Honda Spree Iowa edition which is the rarest of the Spree lineup. Certain states have specific laws concerning maximum speeds as well as how and where the vehicles can be used. Iowa was obviously a major player in this set of rules. A stretch huh? A Honda Spree Iowa is limited to 25 mph by placing a washer in the exhaust system that restricts the airflow.

This Spree was restored to match a factory fresh machine including new graphics, fresh paint, tires, motor treatment, etc. With 2600 miles on the clock, the Spree was ready for a freshening. The plastic turned yellow from years of outdoor exposure. The engine and rear end areas had never been cleaned either so it took a bit of work to get it back to tip top shape.

Honda Spree Iowa Restoration Photos