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1971 Honda CB750 Restoration

1971 Honda CB750 Restoration Project Background


A couple years ago after I restored a 1970 CB750. Afterward I went out and found myself an early 750 to restore for myself. All this time has passed and I’m nowhere closer to restoring that particular bike.

As luck would have it, a gentleman from Washington, PA got in touch with a need for a Level 2 restoration on his ‘71 750. Having sat for at least 8 years, the old girl needed some attention.

The bike was a bit rough on the outside and needed help on the inside also. The typical rust, crud and air-cooled oil leaks were all present as is the case with most bikes from this era.

The major requirements included a replacement gas and oil tank, chain and sprockets, cables, a fresh set of top end gaskets and electronic ignition for the motor. While everything was apart most pieces were refinished or cleaned and polished.

After reassembling the bike, it took all of 1 mile to remember why I fell in love with the first 750. This bike literally feels brand new and also inspires confidence of a bike built with today’s technology and manufacturing. 

Honda CB750 Restoration Photos